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Our directory will help you find all you need to know about planning your dream wedding; ceremony venues, honeymoon destinations, reception venues, unique gift ideas, bonbonniere, invitations, cakes, catering, and so much more.

Having a Lassod Moon Designs Wedding doesn’t need to be any less special than a conventional wedding and an eco wedding; my fiancé and I are having a Lassod Moon Designs Wedding and we could not be happier. Not only are we able to have everything we want but it is cost effective and we are leaving a minimal footprint on the environment.

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Happy Customer

I’m engaged!! I wanted to scream it from the highest mountain, yes it’s a cliché but so true…

My husband and I decided that we wanted an Lassod Moon Designs Wedding, it made sense, we recycle at home, buy organic, free range foods and consider our impact on the environment in all that we do.

So, I jumped on the net to plan our big day and to my surprise I found limited resources on planning a Lassod Moon Designs Wedding, I expected to find a number of sites with suppliers, locations, decorations, caterers, flowers, venues and cakes all at the touch of a button.

Finally, after many hours searching and collating information we finally had all the plans in place for a beautiful Lassod Moon Designs Wedding. I then did some research and realized that there are over 100,000 weddings per year in Australia alone and if I had trouble finding the right information then you might too!

I decided to create a directory bringing together eco friendly businesses and alternative earth positive options from across Australia to provide you with the resources you need to have a cost effective, beautiful wedding, just like me!

Now we can all have a Lassod Moon Designs Wedding at the touch of a button!!

Lassod Moon Designs is here to provide you with positive earth friendly choices for your wedding. All possible attempts have been made to provide only high quality suppliers on this site.Lassod Moon Designs not and can not guarantee the positive or negative environmental affects or the satisfaction of clients with any of the suppliers listed on this site. This web site contains links to sites maintained by other organisations and Lassod Moon Designs does not take any responsibility for the content of those sites. We recommend that you conduct your own investigations of any supplier on the site before making a final decision.